Join Courtney Brooks, Unika Vaev Textiles Creative Director for a zoom call to break down fact vs. fiction on textile specification…..How many double rubs are required for a fabric to be considered durable? Does construction and content matter? Should you specify a fabric treatment or backing?   What is the difference between double rubs and  Martindale cycles….. In the end you will be better equipped to specify the suitable fabric for your project.


This course defines speech intelligibility and the use of the Sound Transmission Index (STI) as a predictor of speech intelligibility. A palette of acoustical remedies available to improve speech intelligibility in the context of restaurant and open office settings is presented along with how these remedies are best implemented. Acoustical Concepts (#AIAACU101) is a recommended prerequisite to this course – material from Acoustical Concepts is reviewed.

  • Title: Acoustical Concepts II
  • AIA Course #AIAACU102/www.aia.org
  • IDCEC Course #108657 (includes ASID, IIDA & IDCEC)/www.idcec.org
  • Classification (both): Health, Safety, Welfare
  • CEU Credit (both): 1



A peek into the personalities that are disrupting our everyday lives and creating change. What does it take to be a change agent in today’s society? The A&D industry attracts people who are creative risk-takers that want to push the envelope and make a difference. But in a field where time is money and creativity is an ‘on-the-clock’ experience, being inspired to change one corner of the world can sometimes feel out of reach. This CEU will seek to inspire specifiers to maximize their potential by showcasing amazing examples of once ordinary people who dared to dream for extraordinary results. Industry disruption starts with…you.

  • IDCEC Course ID: 110572
  • Designation: General
  • Credits: 0.1 (1hour)

Scandanavian Design CEU

Scandinavian design has captured the hearts and minds of the U.S. market. From architects and designers to college students, the rich heritage, iconic mid century appeal and the residential influence of players like Ikea have made a major impact on interiors today. This CEU will educate you on the history of Scandinavian design, explore the design philosophy and aesthetic details that make it so sought after in the U.S. today. We’ll examine key trends in color, material and finishes and see how the Scandinavan design practices will continue to inspire trends in products and interiors in the years to come.

  • IDCEC Course ID: 107004
  • Designation: General
  • Credits: 0.1 (1hour)

Chaos, Creativity and Change

At the heart of every great movement forward is a hardship that needed to be overcome. In light of the chaos that has impacted the entire world, a wave of technology and innovation swept across communities to solve a set of challenges few were prepared for.
Our CEU seeks to educate specifiers on the benefits and sources of creativity, explore the present and future through a historical lens and peer at the ways designers can use creativity to drive their own wellness, and quite possibly, that of their clients.