Danika & Co. was founded in 2001. We are a multi-line furniture rep firm. As a furniture solution provider, our goal is to create collaboration, healing, entertainment, learning and open environments where people can connect to themselves, others and their surroundings. Quality furniture creates quality experiences and connection. In a world that craves community, we aim to be part of something bigger and create spaces where people want to be. We focus on giving our clients genuine and reliable care with easy, one-stop solutions from design conception through installation as we work with our design and dealer partners.


When I was in my 20’s I started as a receptionist at a furniture dealership in California. I loved the interaction, the industry and helping people—and I decided I wanted to be in sales. In 1994 I relocated to Texas to pursue my career in the contract furniture industry.

While in Dallas I worked for two dealerships before I was offered a position at a rep firm. I worked at two rep firms with great teams where I was able to grow as a rep. Ultimately I ended up starting my own firm–Danika & Co. I now aim to provide high quality design solutions with personalized attention and a cared for, “can do” attitude.


The most important things to me are family, relationships, trust and connection. My goal is to balance work and life and provide my clients with the best service. In my free time I enjoy being a mom, traveling and yoga. I aim to treat my customers like I would like to be treated.