Each month going forward we will be featuring a local designer/business owner from the area. This month we are featuring Audrey Zuck, a total design inspiration. I believe it is super important to pull design inspiration from not just other furniture, but nature, fashion and art. What better way to find inspo than from local businesses?

Audrey is the resource librarian at Perkins and Will’s new office, and the owner of The Wild Gem. I recently met her when dropping off manufacturer samples to their library. She told me that she was also an entrepreneur and about her shop while touring her showrooms at this past Neocon.

Audrey grew up collecting vintage pieces and has loved fashion since the day she was born. Her family would tell you that she changed clothes at least 5 times a day, just to create something new and feel a different way.

What pushed her to make a business out of her love for fashion and vintage, was a friend from San Francisco. She couldn’t believe Audrey wasn’t sharing the things she would find and the outfits she would put together. But Audrey says “I honestly never thought about it. I would just get so caught up mixing and creating my own outfits. She encouraged me to just go full force and start a business!” A couple years later Audrey is doing flea markets around the Dallas area and selling her finds out of her loft in Deep Ellum.

Audrey hand-picks vintage pieces from Levis to lace dresses, to mod jewelry and more. What sets Wild Gem apart from other vintage boutiques is that you will never find 2 of the same piece and it isn’t limited to one color scheme or era of vintage, yet everything is made to mix and match.

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